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TeleCycling-StudioLine Classdesigner

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A very powerful tool of TeleCycling-StudioLine is the Classdesigner. With this tool, RPM tracklists can with or without audio link can be created. These are the main classes of the class designer. Additionally, video- and picture or text advertising/infoclasses can be created. These are used for the additional display of, for example advertising information or the insertion of a virtual instructor or from promotional videos. These two subclasses can be created using the link manager can be linked to one main class each.


TeleCycling Classdesigner: Audiotracklist

Set training targets (RPM, load, technique) at any position on the track. Also possible in combination with music.


TeleCycling Classdesigner: Videotracklist

Set video insertions at any track position and image position in any size. Ideal for the insertion of a virtual instructor or a promotional video.


TeleCycling Classdesigner: Promotiontracklist

Setting of text and image insertions at any track position. Ideal for the insertion of advertising information.