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With the TeleCycling-Instructor-Console, the instructor can create his virtual

Indoor-Cycling-Course, which can be used as a in the most professional and professional way.

The instructor has access to all track-relevant data and can choose them during the course without

the course participant seeing it. The course participant only see the track video, which is displayed

on the screen or TV.

Access or view exists: VideoCyclingClasses, tracklist, track profile, current track position with

Gradient, remaining maturities

Play external audio and video files for the WarmUp or CoolDown.

Instruktorkonsole - Automatikbetrieb, zum Vergrößern anklicken  

Instructor console in automatic mode

In this mode the playback of the bike track video as well as the corresponding music in the

TeleCycling player automatically organized . The control system takes over, one in the class designer

previously created tracklist. The instructor has this tracklist in view at all times and always sees the

current tracklist, remaining runtime of the current track.

Instruktorkonsole - Automatikbetrieb, zum Vergrößern anklicken  

Instructor console in manual mode

In manual mode, the instructor can run his course music externally and fits via the instructor-

console displays the film speed by manually setting the RPM. The default of a virtual

gear, an even more realistic film speed can be achieved. So that the music also to the distance

the track position can be changed at any time or another track sequence can be selected.