Ing.-Büro K. Eichert TeleCycling

TeleCycling- HomeLine

TeleCycling-HomeLine for indoor cycles, the single station for your home training

DThe speed of the video is directly controlled by the speed of the training device. This makes the experienced training feeling as authentic as possible. Fascinating landscape photographs support you during your home training. The system is independent of the training device and can be connected to all standard indoor cycles with steel flywheel.

TeleCycling-HomeLine is available as ADDON-StartUpBox for your own hardware or as complete system.

TeleCycling-HomeLine is released for private use only!

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System versions



Single station - complete system

TeleCycling-HomeLine Komplettsystem


mit Steuerungseinheit, Touchscreen FullHD,

SingleEdition-Software, Streckenpaket,

Decoder mit Geschindigkeitsabnehmer und



Indoor-Cycle (optional)

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New!  STAR TRAC eSpinner® now with TeleCycling-System as single station!!



with STAR TRAC eSpinner®,

Control unit, touch screen FullHD,

SingleEdition software, track package and

Decoder with speed pickupit

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