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  TeleCycling - Hardware


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  Control unit As ALLinONE-PC with touchscreen monitor or 19" rack for the audio rack.


  StartupBox The alternative when using your own hardware. Prerequisite are 2 USB interfaces. Ideally one interface already has USB 3.0.


  Instructormodul With the instructor module, IInstructors can comfortably prepare their courses from home and then transfer them to the studio system via USB stick.  
  Decoder with customer set Connect Indoor-Cycle directly to the system and control the film speed directly with the connected Indoor-Cycle  
  Touchscreen Monitor For an optimal and fast operation


  Screen resolution The ideal resolution is 1920*1080 pixels (FullHD). This gives the best result.


  Rack As instructor station or single station in the cardio area or private  
  Connection for visual output devices DVI or HDMI to send high quality HD signals to projector or TV  
  Connection for audio system Headphone socket (stereo) with RCA cable for connection to the audio system