Ing.-Büro K. Eichert TeleCycling

TeleCycling, Training systems for virtual Indoortraining

TeleCycling-StudioLine Player
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The  TeleCycling-Player is used to play the TeleCycling training classes. The playback can be carried out in three modes.


TeleCycling Player, Automaticmodus

In automatic mode, pre-defined tracklists can be played automatically. The system continues to run even if the instructor or the trainee descends from the indoor cycle. The film speed is based on the specifications in the track list. Ideal for courses, with or without instructor, as music can also be played.


TeleCycling Player, Handmodus

In the manual mode, the playback speed of the video can be set manually. The manual setting is done by setting the RPM and specifying a virtual gear.


TeleCycling Player, Bikemodus

In Bike-Mode playback speed is controlled directly from the bike via the interface. Additionally it is possible to set a virtual gear. Since Indoor-Cycle a fixed translation has been integrated with this option. This makes it possible, for example, to ride at a low speed with a high cadence using a low gear.