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TeleCycling- StartUp-Box

TeleCycling- StartUp-Box application example

TeleCycling- StartUp-Box Anwendungsbeispiel

Virtual Indoor-Cycling - HomeCycling

With TeleCycling, Alpe de Huez, Col du Galibier and Co. will come to your home.
You have an indoor cycle and a PC or laptop and want to ride speed-controlled Tour de France stages at home?

    *  Movies in FullHD resolution (1920*1080 pixels)

    *  Film speed individually controllable via connected indoor cycle

    *  Touchscreen operation from Windows 7 or Windows Surface

    *  5 routes including Tour de France classics (approx. 9 hours)

    *  Large track library for retrofitting

    *  Remote maintenance via the Internet


2 free USB slots, min. 4GB memory, screen resolution 1920*1080 pixels, touchscreen (optional), operating system from Windows 7, also Windows Surface.

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TeleCycling-StartUp-Box for virtual home cycling

Scope of delivery:
  TeleCycling-Start Up- Box to connect the bike to your computer
Extensive video package of the most beautiful routes incl. elevation profile and training instructions
Speed pickup incl. magnets
TeleCycling player software



plus 19% VAT and shipping costs


TeleCycling StartUp-Box with route package I: 

Alpe de Huez, Col du Galibier, Mont Ventoux, Vallee Dessoubre/Doubs, Kaiserstuhl-Breisgau


490,00 €


TeleCycling StartUp-Box  with route package II: 

Alpe de Huez, Col du Galibier, Col de Izoard, Mont Ventoux, Pyrenees2, Kaiserstuhl-Breisgau, Vallee Dessoubre-Doubs, Wasgau


690,00 €