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TeleCycling-Smart Cycling for Schwinn Indoorcycles

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The ideal combination!!

From TeleCycling and the Schwinn Bikes AC Sport/Performance, we make a top class ergometer!

We have coupled a Schwinn AC Sport Indoorcycle with our TeleCycling video training system.

By directly transferring the gradient values to the magnetic brake, we achieve an absolutely realistic driving experience. The pedaling resistance is automatically adjusted to the current gradient, i.e. you pedal the resistance which also corresponds to the gradient of the video. In addition, your speed determines the playback speed of the video. A virtual gear system with 20 gears allows you to change the pedaling resistance. In addition, there is the option of smoothing out the route profile according to your own fitness. This means, for example, that you can turn a 10% incline into a 5% incline by smoothing the slope by 50%. This way, everyone can enjoy riding up to the Alpe de Huez!

The system is designed for studio use on the cardio area or for private use!

For all those who already have a Schwinnbike with magnetic brake, we also have our TeleCycling-Smart Cycling as an add-on tool





TeleCycling-Smart Cycling

with control unit, touch screen FullHD, software, track package, decoder with  speed pickup, brake control, TeleCycling rack, Schwinn Indoor-Cycle AC Sport or AC Performance



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TeleCycling-Smart Cycling as Addon-Tool incl. conversion for Schwinnbikes with magnetig brake


1.990,00 €


Schwinn Indoor-Cycle AC Sport used with TeleCycling-Smart Cycling

Schwinn Indoor-Cycle AC Sport new with TeleCycling-Smart Cycling

2.690,00 €

3.290,00 €


Schwinn Indoor-Cycle AC Performance Carbon Blue new TeleCycling-Smart Cycling


3.490,00 €