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TeleCycling-SingleEdition for Star Trac eSpinner

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The ideal reaction to defective displays!!

TeleCycling and Star Trac eSpinner™ as complete system or as conversion kit

Since there are no exchange displays on the market for defective eSpinner displays, you do not have to

eSpinner™ scrapping.  We have adapted our TeleCycling system for the Start Trac eSpinner.

The system is designed for studio use on the cardio area and for private use!





TeleCycling-SingleEdition for Star Trac eSpinner

with control unit, 22" touch screen FullHD, software, track package and decoder with speed pickup.



plus 19 % VAT and shipping costs or travel expenses


TeleCycling conversion kit for Star Trac eSpinner™ incl. conversion


1690,00 €


Start Trac eSpinnerused with TeleCycling-SingleEdition


2290,00 €