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Why does TeleCycling exist

The fascination of cycling outdoors should be transferred to indoor cycling. In connection with linked music here was a new dimension of indoor cyclings. The system was so designed that it can also be used without an instructor. Interactive training manuals or the use of a virtual instructor, make it possible to utilize unused equipment even during the day at any given time. A high degree of enthusiasm for studio owners, members and instructors has been created by this new platform.


For whom there is TeleCycling

TeleCycling there for gyms (StudioEdition),  for hotels (HotelEdition) and for private users ( HomeEdition), in different product versions.



TeleCycling is a virtual indoor cycling system, which are designed specifically for gyms. From the perspective of the cyclist , speed controlled, real Cyclingvideos shown in FullHD on a screen, video wall or flat panel displays. In conjunction with the appropriate music is a unique indoor cycling experience. TeleCycling also means the end of daytime unused classrooms and unused indoorcycles and leads to a high utilization of your resources!


TeleCycling News

Virtual indoor cycling in times of Corona for
Fitness studios or private users?

TeleCycling ERGO-Rack for Schwinn AC-Sport/-Performance Bikes, automatic resistance control according to the track profile

Cycling-USB-Sticks for private use on TV or PC

Star Trac eSpinner™ - Display defective? ->we will replace your eSpinner™

against a completely overhauled with our TeleCycling-System

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TeleCycling in your gym

TeleCycling expands your offer! It can be with or without an instructor, used as a single unit or as a indoor cycling course system . With TeleCycling can be reached during the day the best possible utilization of your Equipments. TeleCycling is brand-independent .



How does it works

TeleCycling offers the optimal, realistic virtual training variant for indoor cycling, for all ages. For newcomers or cyclists, the indoor cycling even want different experience . Cycling videos in Full HD resolution offer a semi-natural training experience and entirely new course variants with or without instructor. Classics such as stages of the Tour de France or a fascinating itinerary through Tuscany, as well as wonderful panoramic stretches before the " front door " offer the appropriate profile for each training requirement. Thanks to the individual control of the film speed a real track experience is always given.


Each TeleCycling program has special functions. The ClassDesigner is designed to offer the possibility to the instructor, and the comfort of to create his courses at home. About the transfer function, the courses may then be transmitted to the main system. The VirtualCourseManager allows you to create and store virtual courses for automated playback as needed.


Periodically, we conduct training for instructors and users . We also offer more video tutorials for all important topics of TeleCycling.